Life changing moments are rare! With this article, I will literally open my heart talking about my story.
During writing this article I had to cry.
Crying about all the good things those came into my life and all the miserable feelings I can finally throw away.

My story started at Christmas 2014.
Worst time of my life after I moved back to Austria after my semester abroad in the US.
Thinking about how to kill myself was just undervalued.


After I left my former love my world changed to the fullest. My heart wasn’t just broken, it was completely destroyed. Every single day I was asking myself what I am doing here and how times can go by faster to get rid of this terrible pain. Do you know the saying: “Time heals all wounds”? At this moment I just wanted to move into the future as fast as I can. All my thoughts and feelings were driving in a one-way direction without a single hope. There was no love, no light, and no feeling in my heart. I transformed into an ice princess.
But the worst thing at all: I have lost my love for this beautiful life.

If you know that feeling of suffering too, I really want to encourage you not to give up and start fighting.
When it’s over you are so much stronger than before.


In the US I always heard people talking about CrossFit. I also followed a friend of mine in Austria who is doing CrossFit with such a deep passion. He gave me the first kick to sign up for the first session. 

Thank god, I am so glad, I did it.

First, I was really skeptical.
Skeptical of what the athletes there would think about me showing up alone. Skeptical about my traditional gym clothes. Skeptical about my body and my performance. Skeptical about the fact if others could see my struggle deep inside of me. Yes you see, I am a girl and think way too much.

I never had the feeling of finding the right sport. I tried many different things. I was registered in a gym, I was running, did some home workouts, played tennis for a year and started with golf. But that feeling CrossFit gave me after hitting the first session was amazing.
Wall Climbs, Snatches, Cleans, Handstand, FRAN, AMRAP? WTF are we doing and how can the vocabulary go into my head?


During the last years, CrossFit and the great Community embraced me to get out of bad situations every single day kicking my ass to the fullest.

During a workout, I just feel me against myself. It doesn’t take long to understand that CrossFit is so much more than just a hard training. The people who are joining me, the high energy level and same goals of the Community and even the smell of the box helps me to relief my pains step by step and not to give up on myself.

Everything changed after I started with CrossFit. I have met so many great people I can really count as my best friends now. If you heard something about the hype of the CrossFit Community & Family I can promise you that every single word is completely true. You are sharing your life with people who all have the same goals. My life transformed 100%. Now I am doing things I never thought I could do. I am open to new things. „Change“ is my favorite word. If I am having a bad day I am sure CrossFit will fix it.

Finding my great passion lead me in the direction of helping and supporting identifying your passion as well.
Not with the same story of mine but with something else that fits perfectly into your life.

Give yourself a try, step out of your comfort zone!
The best things happen out there. I promise, once you are outside, you never want to go back. You will realize that life offers you so good things. I exactly know how bad it is to lose something but trust me, everything happens for a reason.

And some days, months or years later you can laugh about the situation and can be proud you stayed focused.

Now I am laughing! No tears anymore.

If I can do it, you can do it as well!

Stay focused,




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